Collection: Dominic’s Skies

🩵 Introducing Dominic’s Skies 🩵

Dominic’s Skies is a print thought of and created by 2 mothers who were connected through their grief of miscarriage. Those mothers are myself, Hailey, and my friend Winnter Jacobucci. Our release date for this print is significant as Dominic was due June 17th, 2022 and this would’ve been his second birthday.

Continue to read about Dominic’s story:

In October of 2021 I found out I was pregnant after 2 months of trying for my second child, we did have an unexpected pregnancy and loss earlier that summer. This pregnancy along with my others who made it as far were very tough on me resulted in needing fluids in the hospital a couple times for Hyperemesis Gravidium. We found out gender though a mishap with bloodwork and we were so overjoyed that we were going to be giving our daughter a brother.
At 13 weeks and 6 days (Dec 16th) we had an appointment for an ultrasound at a place local which was originally going to be where we found out gender. While in the room getting that ultrasound, we had the longest silence I have EVER experienced. We were asked when I last saw the baby, which was about 2 weeks prior. She told us that unfortunately there was no sign of life. Our son had left us and the worst part my body did not recognize it.

Our son was our 3rd pregnancy loss and one that sent me into a spiral. We unfortunately had another 2 losses after him before getting pregnant with our rainbow baby Ellison who was born March 31, 2023. This print is for my son Dominic as I know he fills my skies with rainbows and sent his sister to us. Every time I see a rainbow I know Dominic and my 4 other babies are sending signs.

Winnter is the designer for the Maisie May bamboo line and we met in February of 2022 on a silly app TikTok. We connected as she was going through a pregnancy loss herself. We met in the most unfortunate of circumstances, but it has blossomed into an amazing friendship.

While you yourself may not have had this experience you more than likely know many women around who have and who can unfortunately share in this strong pain and sadness. For anyone currently trying for their rainbow I see you and I am sending all my love and best wishes through your journey. I hope this print can bring so many families joy as it makes me smile thinking about Dominic.

***We are donating a portion of the sales for this print to Molly Bears, this organization is there to create a positive impact for families that have endured any form of infant loss.***